Operation 4 Corners - "for as long as it takes"




This website is dedicated to

All the Men, women and children that have been heard screaming and crying from somewhere underneath the ground.

Alan Tait | 30-07-2018 to date



What others have said

A selection of the comments that other people have made on our social media accounts

The comments of others (clickable link) | August 2020



What happened to this child?

A short compendium of noises that were recorded between 11.30 pm and 05.30 am, there are no near by residential properties.

I want to get dressed (clickable link) | June 2020



Coming soon November 2020

Announcement to be made shortly, we are hoping for early November 2020.

Coming soon | Expected November 2020



Why Gareth why? The babies died.

In this short recording a Lady in distress can be heard saying why Gareth why, the babies died

Why Gareth why? (clickable link) | August 2019

Behind Sophia nails

The following website has links to many of the noises recorded.

The noises are thought to be coming from underneath the ground somewhere behind Sophia Nails in Ammanford.

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The vanfogey site keeps a record of everything that has happened.

It started in July 2018, if nothing was going on why would someone take down our previous website?

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Banned You Tube videos

We received privacy complaints about some of our videos.

In August 2020, many were banned in the UK. On the following page we discuss who was responsible and how to watch those videos.

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The Location

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